Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ceramium Coins and Ceramium Coin Gear

Not to be confused with Ceramium Medals, Ceramium Coins are a new form of currency available in 4.0 which players can use to purchase armor and weapons. Ceramium Coins are (interestingly) rarer than Blood Marks, but you'll soon amass a large number of them from doing quests and campaign quests. While the gear you can buy with Ceramium Coins is limited to Fabled Grade, the skins are well worth it. The skins are themed around dark purple with wing-like designs that are seemingly made out of ice, and bear a great resemblance to the armor and wings worn by Kaisinel. Ceramium Coin gear can be bought at Kaisinel's Beacon for Elyos, or Danuar Sanctuary for Asmodians. Most players considered Ceramium Coin gear a waste of time, as the much more easiy-aquired Blood Marks can be used to purchase far better gear. Still, the Ceramium Coin gear can be Extracted from is nothing else, and the skins could surely make some money if you found the right buyer for them. The weapons look very much like a blend of the Argent Manor and Protectorate, but are also worth getting for skinning value. The hats are pretty passable as well, and the other Accessories might be useful to players who pay little or no attention to their Earrings, Rings, Belts, and/or Necklaces.


  1. where is the vendor for the ceramium coins exactly?

    1. In Cygenea in the same building as the brigade general, radiant ops, and alabaster order.