Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monster Of Halloween: Raksha Boilheart

Raksha Boilheart in Raksang.
The view you DON'T want to see when fighting Raksha.
Raksha's wings make look old, but they can still fly!
This is truly the monster for Halloween; Raksha Boilheart. As you can see, he's a skeletal, fiery dragon found imprisoned deep within Raksang. Raksha Boilheart is the stronger form of basic Raksha, and is the ''hard mode'' boss of Raksang. Earthproof scrolls are a must, since despite his flaming body, his most powerful attacks are earth-based, like the mighty Demoquake, seen in the 4th screenshot down, which has a 40m range. As of 3.5, Raksha Boilheart is needed for the Legion Task quest, Raksha Rage. He also has a small chance to drop a mounted trophy that looks like his head that you can place in your house, and he always drops 5 Ancient Balaur Scales for each group member. These scales can be turned in for Kahrun symbols to the shulack outside the Raksang entrance. Raksha is a very tough fight, but it wouldn't be much fun to give it all away :P I'll just leave you with this bit of lore: Raksha was powerful enough to oppose and almost kill Tiamat, and was just barely imprisoned. Good luck. Raksha, with his perfect Halloween colors, undead, powerful looks, and awesome stage, is just the monster to take this year's place as Monster Of Halloween!

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