Thursday, May 3, 2012

All Audria Locations: Beryl State

Audrias spawn at or around the locations marked on my map in red. Dont bother with the one near the bottom of the map, its just the symbol for my house :P
Daevas of Elysea, Elyos audria seekers everywhere....I have begun an epic journey unlike any undertaken before! I have dedicated myself to finding the locations of ALL audrias in Oriel!! This article shows where the audrias of Beryl state are, the locations on my map in the picture above showing their spawn points or areas they spawn near. I have travelled all over Beryl State, finding, locating, double-checking spawn locs, and I am most proud to present the audria locations to you! May this article keep you from wasting your time searching for the audrias, and remember that more articles like this will be coming soon! :D

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