Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Better, it's an obelisk, quest. Impossible?

In the lvl 55 quest, It's Better, It's An Obelisk! they ask you to go to both elyos balaurian forts when they go live (Provided the elyos own then atm) and use a special and a stonecrafted obelisk at the edge of the platform the megadux spawns on. They'll then ask you to go to reshanta and get a pair of aether bombs from some bomb maker guy named yuditio. You must then run beshmundir temple instance (see seperate post). walking up to the entrance will update the quest, which then asks you to find two power wardstones, which are located on the left and right sides of a room behind a boss named Ahbana the Wicked. Click the wardstones and run like heck before the bombs vaporize you and your quest will be updated. Now comes the hard part. In the middle of the room is an ugly pulsating.....thing that looks kinda like a heart, gut or maybe a lung suspended in black, spiky tar armor. You need to kill it and obtain a stone from it's corpse to update the quest. When attacked, it isn't too tough untill it reaches about 30%. At 30%, it will spawn 14 5 dot elite balaur guards who will aggro and all use an aoe at once, wiping the group. Going back is hardly an option, as the guards gank and have massive aggro ranges, so by the time you've cleared a path through them (they tend to just wander around the place) the body of the quest mob will have gone. So how do you do this quest? Having the tank try to pull aggro won't work cuz they'll be one shotted by everything aoeing them at once and the group will soon follow. If anyone has any tips on this annoying as heck quest, please put them in comments. UPDATE: Go to this link to see a way i have thought up on how to complete this quest.

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